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About us


We are the athletes' brand, constantly looking for new ways to play, new demands, and new needs. Old truths often need to be reconsidered, and we are not afraid to break a rule or two if necessary. Good can always be a little bit better. You can always train a little bit harder. But sometimes it is up to the equipment, and that are the occasions we aim at when we develop our gear. Do you play with us or do you dare the risk?

You have an eye for the game; we have an eye for details. A winning combination that has proved successful over and over again since we first entered the game with great visions 10 years ago.

Inform Connection trading as Salming Running Australia is Australia's #1 Squash provider. Trading since 1996, Inform Connection is proud to bring Salming's award-winning range of running, fitness and squash gear to Australia.